So you have your words recorded, now comes the time consuming part…and the bit where everything can go easily wrong…EDITING! There is an art to audio editing, something that radio, film and TV producers have long understood. A great sound editor can fix pretty much any studio-based problem, improve pacing and timing, help make sense of multiple-takes and generally produce an audiobook that is a pleasure to listen to. Editing is as important to us as producing. Why? Because our editors (who also produce) have been editing audio for over 20 years and are experts in their field. More importantly, they love what they do and take great pride in helping to craft an audio experience that is easy on your customers’ ears.

All of our editing is done outside of Central London, allowing us to keep costs as low as possible and pass these savings along to you. All audiobooks are edited on the same equipment, and to the same exacting standards as the BBC radio productions we edit and produce for our sister company Ladbroke Productions (and they keep winning awards, so that must mean something!)