AUDIOBOOKS: Quality Control & Mastering

The third and most critical stage of the audiobook gestational period. Mastering can make or break an audiobook. Slipped edits, digital artefacts, poorly located CD track markers, missing meta-data…the pitfalls as plentiful. We are proud to have a robust and experience Mastering stage, including a full ‘listening-through’ process where every minute of an edited audiobook is listened to and compared to the original script. Once cleared, the audio is then mastered to commercial CD and download specifications, including track marking and meta-data/ISBN information (we even master to cassette manufacture specs for some titles). We then produce as many sets of masters as required – audio CD, data DVDs for download titles, etc… For download titles we are happy to supply in a variety of file formats and sampling rates. All masters are despatched to our clients using Special Delivery to ensure safe delivery. Should you require, we are also happy to master to Hard Drives, USB sticks or other formats/media. We even have our own ‘Cloud’ to share files with our clients, and full ftp access as well.

Recording Studio Mixing Console